Our Technology Expertise

means advanced knowledge, talent and years of experience

Knowing Our Job

Since 2018 Victorysoft has been providing software development services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We have a wide range of specialists experienced in different technologies. Being a one-stop shop for software development, we create interactive frontends, powerful backends and functional mobile apps under one single R&D roof. Each product is unique, so we use a custom business analysis approach for any project we estimate to select the best way of implementing the needed solution. If you are not sure which technologies would be the best fit for your project, you can rely on us in this respect.

Our technology expertise is always expanding as we never miss any cool new tool and always stay current with latest technologies and trends. You can rest assured that if you entrust your project to us, you will have the most up-to-date set of technologies implemented in your fast, flexible and powerful application.

Our Software Solutions Expertise

Mobile Apps Development

There is hardly a business venture nowadays that does not use a cell phone or a mobile software. Nonetheless, the real success of an app is achieved when it adds innovative features or provides certain assistance to consumers somehow, they’ve not experienced previously.

Web Development

Currently, it is simply impossible to find some cutting-edge application that does not require some type of internet front-end for its operation. Victorysoft knows everything about the internet outside and in, starting with front-end technologies and up to minor facets of web server application routine.

Desktop Solutions Development

In our cell world, there are still computer programs that customers use mainly because of their secureness, online connectivity or overall performance factors. We realize precisely if this is a good idea to produce a PC software and have enough development expertise in working with all preferred platforms.

Software as a Service Development

In order to reduce expenses, improve efficiency and avoid key IT investments, organizations require Software as a Service more and more often. Entering SaaS area, it’s vital to select a companion who is able to carry it from the initial step and has enough experience in controlling the full process of development.

PaaS Development

A crucial tactical solution, in this case, is the system with an initial ability to think. Displaying an API and providing third-party creators with the access to it is essential to achieve success in the industry.

Server-Side App Development

We understand the importance of developing stable and survivable under high-load operation system agents and background processes. Our team has knowledge and experience to produce and exhaustively test them out prior to releasing them and offering them to consumers.

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Why Us

Business Analysis

You aren’t tech-savvy, are you? No worries, we know how to deal with it. Our business analysts make sure we understand your wants and needs and translate them into specs for developers.

Agile Process

The world is changing fast, and your ideas change and grow over time too. We consider all your requests and feedback to keep up with the pace and deliver the best possible result.

SOLID approach

When developing apps, we use several principles to facilitate further support and development of the solution. Our team is always keeping pace with innovations, applying new tools, methodologies and best practices.

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