Code Review and Software Development Audit

Code review and software development audit because prevention is better than cure

Save money and hours of work on development efforts with professional IT consulting services. We will take care of the code reviews and development process audits, so you can be sure that every cent you invest benefits your project, and that no time is wasted due to inefficient procedures and spaghetti code.

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For developers, quality must be a top priority, and we know how to keep it on track

Code Review Services

Four eyes see more than two. However convinced you may be of your programmers’ abilities, there is nothing like a good peer review, where people other than the author of the software examine your code for defects and opportunities for improvement. Delegating the review of your software code to a professional software development company like Victorysoft is the best way to improve your project and guarantee its smooth performance. Every minute and every cent you spend on code review is paid back tenfold in the happiness of your clients and dramatically reduces the resources needed for tech support.

Software Development Process Audit

Most problems come about not because of a lack of talent or creativity, but because the available methods and processes are not used in an efficient way or in a way which is unrelated to the final product. Our expert advisors will accompany your every step on the way to a finished product that meets your and your customers’ requirements. We will help you to optimize and polish the development cycle from determining initial requirements and up to maintaining and enhancing software to cope with newly challenges. With Victorysoft you can be sure, we are supervising and evaluating your development processes tirelessly.

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Code Review & Audit Benefits

Independent Audit

Do you feel like your latest software project isn’t on track? Victorysoft can eliminate your stress, and provide you with a quick and thorough independent software audit. We’ll align your software development process with your company’s true vision, and ultimately help you create a plan that leads to a successful software project.

Unbiased Perspective

We only want the best for our clients. So, we’ll approach your project from a true third-party perspective. Victorysoft will assess your software’s plan, code quality, and maintenance as an unbiased spectator. This ensures that you receive a fair, high-quality audit that helps you achieve your goals.

Vulnerabilities Check

To rescue your software from unexpected hackers’ attacks make sure to apply Code Review that helps in discovering the vulnerabilities in your code. You may not know about every single flaw in a chosen technology. And a careful review with a fresh look will help to identify all the problem areas to design more reliable and secure applications.

Efficient Testing

CR should be used not only for code that is ready to go into production, but generally for everything. Its time span is not huge, but the difference in quality turns out to be enormous. Test planning and conduction often take much more time than looking through the code lines. CR saves a lot on testing and assists in choosing the most suitable methods.

In-depth Project Analysis

Two heads are better than one. Code Review helps to spread knowledge about the project among the team. At least one other person will review your code before it is tested in real conditions (bugs). Both the original developer himself and the reviewers can understand the application logic better.

Code Quality Maintenance

Code review is not always about mistakes and faults. Code quality deteriorates over the life cycle of an application. Updating the architecture, adding new features, and fixing bugs on systems with poor code quality takes longer and results in even more bugs. We can help you make sure that your code remains clean and workable.